“The story of my life is totally devoted to learn, understand and spread the real and good cuisine. All my passions and studies are centered on the excellence of the Italian food.”

Cuoco Itinerante (Wandering Chef) is set in the luscious Monte Navegna and Cervia National Park mountains, not far from lake Turano, in the Rieti countryside.
We can teach you the secrets of cooking, and offer you the unique experience and “gusto” of the Italian cuisine  in all its different aspects.
Our place is on the first floor of my family’s old restaurant “La Riva del Lago”, now run by new tenants. This is my most beloved place, where my journey started.
To reach Cuoco Itinerante is very easy: just drive on via Turanense towards Antuni, a small village near Castel di Tora.


Location and lessons


We hold coking courses of different levels. The location we work from is a very important hotel supplies shop called LR Furniture (Via Ponchielli 40, Ellera di Corciano – PG), a place where the most important local chef and staff periodically update their skills. But all of you who simply like to improve their cooking skill can join our courses, learning secrets, techniques and skills on how to use the most technological kitchen utensils.

Your home


There’s no better place than your kitchen to cook fantastic meals. if you like to spend a fanciful evening with your friends or give a “gourmet” gift to your  partner, or even spend a nice afternoon cooking with your kids, just call the “wandering chef”. we will turn your kitchen into the perfect place to create incredible and unique menus.