Dinners, lunches or buffet tailored and served at your house or office by our highly qualified staff.
You will be free to attend your guests and enjoy a succesfull dinner, where every detail will be taken care of.

You think your fridge is empty and you want to organise a reunion with friends or a romantic dinner or a very special birthday? You think you have nothing to cook?

You would like to recreate  the atmosphere of an exclusive restaurant but your kids are too small?

Then the right solution is to trust the chef at home! The “Wandering Chef” is at your disposal!

More and more often the “wandering chef” is called by people who like to offer  a high level reception, while being free of hustles and devote themselves completely to their guests.

Our keywords
: the best and the only  way to make your dinner  perfect
Attention to detail: everything has to look beautiful and taste good
Punctuality: as soon as we receive  your call we start organizing
Organization: it must be  accurate and efficient to obtain maximum coordination and no wasting of time
Professionality: our long experience is at your service
Reliability: confidence and satisfaction of our customers is our biggest reward
Flexibility: ability  to adapt our organization to any setting and need
Amusement: give you the chance to share meals with friend while having fun

Why  should  you call a chef at home?
To fully enjoy your environment, to create an exclusive  atmosphere allowing your guests to feel comfortable and truly confident, simply because. you are at home!

To live unique moments: birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversaries or a thanksgiving dinner; to create a perfect meal  and surprise your friends with a really unexpected gift or, perhaps, to customize your daily diet (even if you suffer from food intolerance). In a word, anytime you need an intimate and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the intimacy of you dining room without worrying about organizing and timing the event.

Passwords will be: calm, serenity and peace, something that only intimacy of your home make possible. We cook, set and wait on table, at a competitive cost!

How many people?
From a simple dinner for two to a more elaborate one for 20 people or more.

How does it works?
After a first contact, “The Wandering Cook” will make an appointment to visit you at home, to check the functionality of the spaces and the kitchen supplies. According to your suggestions we will set a menu,  based on  number of guests and taste, and help on organization. On the fixed day we’ll do the shopping and come to your home in time, fully equipped with all the necessary instruments and supplies. We’ll set the table and prepare the chosen menu, adding imagination to our skills! And, last but not least, to have a chef in your house will help you to understand the secrets of cooking, appreciate the quality of the various produces, be attentive to the seasonality  of products and  the richness of your land, how to match food and drinks, and learn about the various mile stones of the international cuisine… Everything between the walls of your house, and what is even more important, without worring about cleaning up the kitchen straight after!

AND, if you wish, we can offer you a. customized cooking class at your home, an experience to share with  friends or family! In one single afternoon we can keep a course in high cuisine, cook food for your dinner and then eat it unmatched, fun and exclusive formula!