At the early age of 12 I started my journey in the “wonderful world of cooking” at my family’s restaurant “La Riva del Lago” in Castel di Tora (RI). I got skilled working in my father’s organic vegetables garden and animal farm, helping my mother in the kitchen, learning how to use a wood stove and deeply understanding how rich and  valuable the produces of my region are, forever establish my ties to the quality of genuine food.

After my graduation at the Istituto Professionale Alberghiero Turistico di Stato in Rieti, my interest in food become a profession; I had the chance to travel and the opportunity to learn more and more things about various cooking traditions (London, South Italy, Korea) and, at the same time, I had the chance to bring my knowledge of Italian cuisine abroad.

At the moment I mostly cooperate with Regione Umbria e Toscana; I work as chef  and counselor for typical restaurants in small historic centers, in big location used for wedding parties, functions, meetings and restaurants that offer innovative cuisine. I organize personalized cooking classes at my place or at my customers’ houses.

I am the first “wandering chef” of Central Italy: we can set any kind of lunches, dinners and banquets at our customers’ houses, offices or places of their choice.


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